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Dialogue with extremists

Crisis Group proposes a Dialogue between Malian government and extremists

International Crisis Group recommends that the Malian government explore “the possibility of discussions with extremists” in Central Mali. In a report published Tuesday, May 28, 2019, the think tank believes that “Malian authorities should empower religious leaders to explore initial talks with leaders of jihadist groups, while seeking broader dialogue among Malians at the Centre.”
To address the security situation in the area, ICG advocates a “change of course”, combining military pressure, dialogue and disarmament to bring its leaders to the negotiating table.
This report is published a few days after the announcement by the Malian government of the establishment of a policy framework for crisis management in central Mali. This framework, which aims to link political and military measures, aims to “calm the security situation” in the Mopti and Ségou regions. He’ll be attached to the Primature.