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Agriculture in the insecurity

Eleven million tonnes of cereals planned for agricultural campaign of this year under unfavourable conditions

Eleven million tonnes of cereals and 800,000 tonnes of cotton is Mali’s forecast for the 2019-20 crop year. In addition to these estimates, nearly 10,000 tonnes of milk, more than 84,000 tonnes of red meat, approximately 424 million table eggs, more than 6 million broiler chickens, 106,000 tonnes of fresh fish, 21,000 cows and 1,000 inseminated goats. The plan of the 2019-2020 crop year was approved Monday, May 29, 2019 by the President of the Republic Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta It was on the occasion of the 9th High Council of Agriculture.

This forecast is made in a context where the country is facing growing insecurity and the consequences of climate change. “Our agriculture is still dependent on climatic hazards,” said President IBK. For his part, the Minister of Agriculture, Moulaye Ahmed Boubacar stressed that “the hydro-agricultural developments will cover 13,459 hectares and the acquisitions of agricultural equipment will concern 800 tractors”. ‘A broadening of the range of equipment for motorcyclists, threshers, shellers and other small equipment will be carried out in 2020 and 2021,’ he added.
In addition to the climatic conditions, the northern and central regions are facing a worrying security situation. In the Mopti region, despite inter-community conflicts and jihadist attacks that are multiplying in the area, farmers promise to produce 13% of the 11 million tons announced by the government.